Yes, Dudley. Please accept my official MIDSUMMER MEMBER BALLOT.

I know this two-year cycle is shaping up to be one of the biggest -- and most expensive -- in RMGO’s history.  Bigger even than 2013.

I know we’re facing…

…an anti-gun Democrat Governor

…anti-gunners controlling both chambers of the Legislature

…weak-kneed Republicans afraid to stand up to the anti-gun media

…organized, out-of-state groups dropping money, staff, and activists into our state.

Please accept my official MIDSUMMER MEMBER BALLOT



Should I double down on the fighting anti-gun legislation in the next session?  Colorado Democrats have been emboldened by the rise of socialist policies promoted by national Democrats. Michael Bloomberg and his allies in Mom’s Demand Action have Colorado in their sights and gun bans on their mind.

Should I double down on our legal strategy? Currently our legal team is fighting gun control with not one, but TWO lawsuits.  As you know we filed suit against Governor Polis and the state house for violating the state Constitution when they forced the Red Flag Gun Confiscation Scheme through the legislature.

 On top of that, our lawsuit challenging the 2013 magazine ban is headed to the state supreme court in what could be a landmark case for gun rights in Colorado.

Should I focus on the recalls? Recalls are a great way to mobilize gun owners and activist across Colorado.  They also send an important message to anti-gunners in the legislature that you and I will not sit by while they’re violate our Constitutional rights.

More House and Senate recalls are on the horizon in places like Jefferson County and Pueblo.  Mobilizing gun owners and conservatives will be a key ingredient for the success of these recalls.

Should we do ALL OF THE ABOVE? Should RMGO take the fight to the anti-gunners on all fronts?  I’ll be honest, this is my personal choice.  I want to keep fighting, I want to do more.  But honestly, I can’t without your support and encouragement. 

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